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Impact Expo 2012 Wrap-up

We are proud to announce the successful completion of Impact Expo 2012.  For those of you who were able to join us, we hope you found the event to be a vibrant and informative marketplace for impact.

Photos from the event are available on our Facebook page:

Also, click here to view a photo collage from the event (PDF, 792 KB) : Event Collage

Finally, click here to view the press release from Impact Expo 2012.

We are excited for what the next few months will bring for Idobro, given the momentum we have after the Expo, so stay tuned!  And, as always, contact us for more on how we can help you with consumer awareness, corporate engagement, and community partnerships for the inclusion of green, women, and social enterprises.


 “Responsible business is good business. By making the world around it a better place, it can turn poor people into customers and neglected areas into new markets and new sources of supply”

Corporate Dossier

   12 – 13th September 2012, World Trade Centre, Mumbai

With the increasingly competitive market space, innovative strategies and unconventional markets and channels have made major inroads into the fabric of business decisions. However, if we are to achieve economies of scale and widespread impact, partnerships will be critical. There is a need

  • to go beyond knowledge sharing to engagement and collaboration
  • design solutions that leverage strengths and resources
  • bring down costs of discovery, outreach, execution and delivery

Partner, Participate or be Present

Launch of “Made4Impact” – The Idobro Catalog for Impact – Edition III

Trade Show and Business Exchange Meets

Focus Group Discussions and Roundtables

Just as private public partnerships changed the way infrastructure projects were executed, so too will market based solutions drive the corporate and development sector and through that overall sustainability of our world as it exists.

To know more please visit About IE2012 Page.


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